Beautiful Blue Danube


Day 1: Passau – embarkation
Embarkation in Passau from 04:00 pm. “Cast off!” at 06:00 pm. Welcome drink and welcome dinner.


Day 2: Vienna (UNESCO World Heritage)
The Austrian capital Vienna will be reached around lunch time. Possibility to join a sightseeing tour. In the evening continuation towards Hungary.


Day 3: Danube Bend/Budapest (UNESCO World Heritage)
Docking at Esztergom will take place early in the morning. Thereafter, you will have the possibility to undertake an excursion along the Danube Bend including a visit to Szentendre to Hungary’s capital Budapest, where your cruiser will already be expecting you. Lunch on board. In the afternoon sightseeing tour of Budapest and later evening cruise including folk programme.


Day 4: Vukovar/Osijek
Vukovar in Croatia will be reached in the afternoon. Possibility to undertake an excursion to Vukovar and Osijek. Continuation in the late evening.


Day 5: Belgrade
You will already reach the fifth country on day five. Possibility to join a sightseeing tour of Belgrade in Serbia, an excursion to Topola and Oplenac and an evening excursion to Skardarlija.


Day 6: Danube Break­through “Iron Gate”
The “Iron Gate” in the border region between Serbia and Romania is one of the wildest and awesome landscapes along the Danube’s course.


Day 7: Svistov
Short stop in Svistov in the morning. Possibility to join the excursion from Veliko Tarnovo to Giurgiu, where your cruiser will be moored.


Day 8: Danube Delta/St Gheorghe (UNESCO World Heritage)
You will now have reached the easternmost point of your cruise. Passage through the St-Gheorghes-Canal until kilometre 0. Then stroll along the river promenade of St Gheorghe.


Day 9: Oltenita/Bucarest
Short stop in Chiciu in order to prepare your sightseeing tour of Bucarest (including lunch). Return to your cruiser in the late afternoon at Giurgiu.


Day 10: “Iron Gate”/Cruising Day
Enjoy a complete day on the river and enjoy all facilities on board your luxurious cruiser today.


Day 11: Novi Sad
Experience Novi Sad with its fortress and monastery as well as Sremski Karlovci in today’s afternoon. Return to your vessel for dinner.


Day 12: Puszta-Excursion (UNESCO World Heritage)
Stop at Mohacs in order to prepare today’s land excursion. Possibility to join a Puszta-excursion from Mohacs to Kalocsa, where you will re-board your cruiser for dinner.


Day 13: Komarno/Bratislava
Stop in Komarno in order to prepare today’s land excursion. Possibility to join an excursion to Bratislava including sightseeing tour. Re-board your cruiser in Bratislava. Enjoy the captain’s gala dinner including crew show tonight.


Day 14: Dürnstein/Melk/Emmersdorf (UNESCO World Heritage)
During the forenoon possibility to join an excursion to the enchanting Wachau region including a visit to Melk Abbey and wine tasting. At Emmersdorf re-boarding for your lunch.


Day 15: Passau – disembarkation after Breakfast
Unfortunately, your journey full of experiences ends today. Disembarkation until 09:00 am.

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