Culinary Germany

Make sure you accompany those specialties by world class German wines from the wine growing regions on Rhine, Main, Moselle, Saar, Nahe, Ahr, Neckar, Tauber, Elbe, Saale, Unstrut and Lake Constance. Or with beers from the beer brewing regions of German specialty beers across the country with a larger variety of different types found in Lower Saxony, Franken and Bavaria, such as, for example, Bavaria’s ‘Helles’ and ‘Weissbier’, Lower Saxony’s ‘Bockbier’, Franconia’s ‘Rotbier’ and the smoked ‘Rauchbier’ as well as many other specialty and craft beers. Enjoy the taste of Germany’s culinary diversity. Please ask our experts!


Guten Appetit! Enjoy your meal!



Apart from dinners in hotels which are always a good choice and convenient after a long journey, GTW-GRIMM TOURISTIK WETZLAR would be pleased to offer you meals at all sorts of exquisite restaurants that meet your budget. Many of the restaurants we book for our customers have a creative menu with changing seasonal meals, a pleasing ambience with set tables, well versed and friendly service as well as a wine menu adequate to the kitchens’ level of sophistication.

Country Inns, Brewery Inns, Beer Gardens and Wine Taverns

These restaurants often offer local and regional specialties and are often visited by local guests who love a hearty meal in a cosy atmosphere. GTW-GRIMM TOURISTIK WETZLAR would be pleased to offer you meals at such local inns that are usually a great experience of culinary tradition and often provide good opportunities to meet local people.



In Germany’s cafés you can enjoy the old tradition of ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’, a setting of coffee or tea, biscuits or fresh, often home-made cream cakes during the afternoon. Apple Stroodle, Black Forest gateau, fruit and cream tarts – to name only a few - are all there for you to be relished. GTW-GRIMM TOURISTIK WETZLAR offer bookings in exquisite German cafés throughout the country during your journey.